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   To Create an Online Resume to Showcase Talents

Use Case:

Actors: You and Me
Case: Resume, Online Resume, Interview, Career Future

(Happy Path)
   P1 - Hirer receives resume
   P2 - Hirer Contacts Me and Schedules Interview
   P3 - Hirer Likes Me
   P4 - Hirer Gives Me Career at Their Organization

(Alternate Path 1)
   AP1 - @ P1, Hirer is Uncertain, Because of Too Many Resumes or Missing Skill Set(s) on Resume
   AP1:01 - Hirer Looks at Online Resume, Sees and Likes What They See
   AP1:02 - Resume @P2

Management Style for Project: Agile

   Reason: Needed to complete a project in a timely fashion, but open-ended enough to allow for flexibility and extended growth

Other Information:

   The completed site of (Index page – Login – Database Structure – Welcome Page – About Page – Resume Page – Contact Page) in 3 Months (July, August, September of 2015). Testing and Production in the month of October 2015 Time of development: Only an hour or two a day (if time allowed for that day) average 5 to 8 hours a week for 3 months 70 to 112 hours for first project iteration.

Code Languages and Processes for This SIte: